His Words

It is what I live by,

It gives me life

He is better than a haiku

A Sonnet

He brings clarityImage result for open bible

He opens my eyes that I may see

And my heart that I may receive

His words is how I liveĀ 


Do Hardworking Count?

One work hard,

Do it count,

When one dig until it’s no more,

Will one be heard,

One work hard ,

Not for praise, but just to do one job,

Is there a just reward,

What is a just reward,

Is it satisfaction?


A slap in face?

Image result for hardworkingrecognition?

Do hardworking count?

Do one count?

Am one in number?

One just want to make a living

But can one?

How can one?

If one tells one to speed it up,

You can do better,

It seems like one good is never enough

Do hardworking count?

One count money

And that count bills,

Can one have satisfaction

Do hardworking count?